on 2 15 06

Splash! We kept moving in. suddenly one of us slided and fell down. It was a blue n purple gooey paint. The walls and floors were wet of fresh tint , none of us could walk stable. Slithering through the corridors of our own minds we felt more and more patched with colourfull paint. As we wandered tint blew everywhere. Around us there was nothing but paint , every colour , every kind of splash, every type of stain every shape or form. Then happened something horrifying I dropped my glasses and slided down in a huge swirl, what I saw was an enormous canvas with an abstract ,spotty painting with me all my mates sticked to it and so was me. We couldn’t move in reverse to colourfull spots that seemed to be like Grand Central Station.We were stucked.

As I opened my eyes I saw my fingertips covered with tint. The dream was my own
tribute to jackson pollock.

This writing is inspired by jackson pollock’s abstract expressionis and it shows the sing of his art in my dreaming.


Wet floor

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